Freswick – photos – changing light, changing elements


Scotland: photos – Glencoe, Ullapool, Laird to Wick

Rome photos

Queuing in Heaven

Can we choose where we sit At the eternal church lunch In that great house of heaven? Do we have to share a room? Could it be … dormitories! What music will there… Continue reading

The Cry : a Christmas poem (kind of)

We struggle through life Dragging carrier bags Heavy with what we know But once a year we dream That the world stops running Its habitual course Just long enough For God to put… Continue reading

The Line et la Ligne, Easter poem in 2 languages. Video by Noémie Daval.

The line – English version La ligne – French version French version below THE LINE Vertical line wafer-cotton-thin Top to bottom, heaven to earth Perfection drawing down to gravity Pure line cuts through… Continue reading

Shapes, light, shade, glass – photos

Gym Studio

Shrink, priest And confessor The gym coach listens In muscular manner And he said and I said … God’s truth Dead-end, no-go I swear to you … Machines pound An hour of energy… Continue reading


The person she thought she was Is unravelled by time The seams of her body The paths of her mind The reasoning tongue Now forked All certainty gone The fabric of dreams and… Continue reading


Light fractures On entering earth Has a hard job Staying whole On hitting the atmosphere Diffused shards Give partial sight Fractions of the whole Fragment of certainty We stand on In the world… Continue reading