Certainty knows so loudly
A fighter-jet
Carving the world
Into soundbites
Mass-produced in bright keys
Belched from its rear end
Filling all space for thought
With static

What if we fell
Through a crack in the noise
Into silence?
No echo of ourselves
To tell us we’re the best
Only the sound
Of God breathing

Would the barking dogs
That guard our interests
At the gate of our souls
Slope away?

Would we return
To our lives, less sure?
Or would we still
Dressed in suits
Walk unseeing like ghosts
Past the broken displaced
Make our neighbour drink mud
Since he has no shares
In the water we trade
Or the doctor we own
Build our villas
On hills filled with migrant graves
With cash earned from arms
That kill, daily?
All this while we cry
‘Jesus saves’

Would we still
Slit throats in the sun
Of a Libyan beach
While the surf rolls in
To the shout of
‘Allahu Akbar?’

We? That was ‘them’
But there is no them
Only us
And our Creator

Standing in the quiet
Beyond certainty
Broken only
By the lifegiving murmur of God
‘You thought that I was like you?
I do not ask you to know
But to love’

Ps 50 v 21

NB To forestall panicky comments, I do believe firmly in Christ. What poses a problem to me is the glibness of our formulae and the incoherence of our actions in the light of our faith, and I include myself in this criticism.