Queuing in Heaven

Clown 1Can we choose where we sit
At the eternal church lunch
In that great house of heaven?
Do we have to share a room?
Could it be … dormitories!

What music will there be?
What if it’s country
With a worship leader?
Shall we wear fixed smiles
Through eternal centuries
Playing games to pass the time?

What happens if you are
A private person?

Will there be queues
To meet our heroes

While others stand in lonely corners
Whistling a quiet tune
Looking at their shoes?

Shall I sit on the dunce’s chair
As befits my dotted line of faith
While passers-by
With hooded eyes and doubtful lips
Assess my long-stay permit application?

Wait. This is hell.
Or else a church weekend away.

In heaven,
The lines of weak and strong
Break in confusion at the thought of God
Before a limitless horizon