Tree of dreams

Karen broken dreams 2 cropped Artwork, Karen Underwood ‘Broken dreams’

Fruit on the tree
Turns to ash
And spirals
Slow and graceful
on the morning air
settling on bent shoulders
the silver powder
of broken dreams

Flick of the hand
on the coat-sleeve ?
Plant another sapling
in the turf of illusion
Wonder as it grows
Deny as it withers
Dismiss as it dies
Then move on easy

Preserve by effort?
Damp roots
Dust of memory
Fan the embers
For a moment
Breathe in past hope
Cold smoke
Chokes the lungs

Reflect in silence:
A thousand shades of grey
Dance in the air
Carpet the ground
Strange beauty
At the end of our dreams
Says, we managed to hope
All this, for a while

Consolation :
When our spirits ride
On the ash
Of our earthly dreams
To heaven
It is unlikely we’ll be told
We’ve been
Too idealistic