Gym Studio

DummiesShrink, priest
And confessor
The gym coach listens
In muscular manner

And he said and I said
… God’s truth
Dead-end, no-go
I swear to you …

Machines pound
An hour of energy and sweat
Just to stay on one spot
Maintain the status quo

Radio adverts play
Padded child car seats
Only the best for you and yours
Comfort and protection

In another world
Children play with landmines

In our streets
Turning billboards
Show the limits of our dreams
Online two-time dating
Perfect bodies in sleek cars
Cruise down champagne rivers
Under the gilt stars of a chandelier

Weaving fools’ gold
We make nests in the ruins
Sing sweet lullabyes
While the eye of a storm
Wipes a world away

Our first-world flagpoles
Rattle empty in the wind
While a pocket-sized god
Grins empty blessings
From the virtual screen
Of our imaginings