New Year 2018

This year May we risk believing That old bruised fruit Can grow new skin That the tables in our temples Can be overturned Dust shaken from rugs Threadbare and worn Their colour renewed… Continue reading


PRESENCE Into the absence Inert chaos of nil A word falls Fires the cosmos With pure presence Extracts from grey nonbeing Energy of light Divides it from the dark Crystal shards Suffuse the… Continue reading

Te Deum

  My  husband John has just finished composing a Te Deum in 12 movements, juxtaposing classical and contemporary modes. Over the months of hearing extracts of the text through the study wall, the music… Continue reading

New Year Speed Bump *

I drag my case over the man-made border Between one year and the next A sleeping policeman Lying in the road Marks time in yellow and black Opens an eye and speaks ‘New… Continue reading

Dieu-Mobile, Noël 2015

Dieu dit J’en ai marre : De plus en plus cons Les hommes creusent la terre En extraient la moelle, Minent le sol sous leurs pieds. Il ne restera plus Que des trous… Continue reading

Sabbatical Musings

SABBATICAL MUSINGS Based on reading books by Rowan Williams, Graham Tomlin, Richard Rohr, Susan Cain, and places and people visited. Much of my sabbatical reading turned out to be connected with issues of… Continue reading

Photos – Barcelona, Pays Basque, Britain



Certainty knows so loudly A fighter-jet Carving the world Into soundbites Mass-produced in bright keys Belched from its rear end Filling all space for thought With static What if we fell Through a… Continue reading


Fairy tales Predictable pleasing Happy end delivered Folded and pressed To the good, never ugly Vistas of rolled lawns Patchwork fields Forests grown on request Ready-clipped to measured height Protecting those who dwell… Continue reading


Words ride on sound-waves Across smoky rooms and satellites They carve out keys That unlock underground rivers And spark dry flints Into fires that buzz Hum and ignite ideas Through towns and continents… Continue reading